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Palm Desert R/C Raceway has been serving radio-control racers and hobbyists since 2002 when it was formerly called HobbyTown Raceway and owned by Bob & Mary Barrett.

During the 2005-2007 seasons the track hosted many of the top R/C race events such as  Toys 4 Tots, Best of the West, West Coast Shootout, JBRL Nitro Series.

In 2008 Hobby Town closed its doors and abandoned the track. For 2 years the track sat vacant until 2009 when Chris Marrale decided he wanted a place to race locally again.

Despite being only 14 years old at the time Chris Marrale was instrumental in bringing Palm Desert R/C Raceway back to life. The City of Palm Desert said no, but they didn’t realize that teenager Chris Marrale doesn’t take no for an answer! Seven months after that first defeat, Chris, had the YES he was seeking and Palm Desert R/C Raceway was open for business again in 2010.

Chris says, ”In the beginning I was just bored and looking for a place where my friends and I could run our remote control cars, my mom had decided we’d played enough video games for the summer and we had to find something to do.”

Palm Desert officials, though, had requirements and procedures that would have stopped most people from pursuing the use of this land. Chris was told the lot needed wheelchair ramps and the electricity had to be brought up to code, among other obstacles.

During the Summer of 2012 PDRC brought in all new clay surface from the Beaumont area which has given the track a surface that rivals many of the other outdoor tracks around the country.

Since the re-opening of Palm Desert R/C Raceway in 2010, it has once again become one of the favorite outdoor tracks in So Cal and the West Coast, hosting many of the top R/C race events.

In 2014 Chris set off for College and sold the track to Ken Tucker one of the local racers. Ken followed in the tradition of keeping a fun facility for everyone to enjoy.

In 2017, Ken sold the track to Chris Dolan one of the local racers and a local teacher.

In 2018, Chris sold the track to Michael Simmons and Jon VanderMolen.

Palm Desert R/C Raceway
72440 Painters Path
Palm Desert, CA 92260

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